Are Your Thoughts and Subconscious Beliefs Sabotaging Your Relationships?

relationships“I’m too old for a relationship.”
“I know if I get into a relationship with someone, it won’t work and I will get hurt.”
“Why don’t I have good relationships with my friends?”
“My relationship with my spouse is no longer fun and exciting.”

For many people, relationships are the most rewarding and sometimes the most challenging and painful of human experiences. Our first role models for relationships are usually our parents. And before you decide to blame your parents for your failed relationships, remember they got their relationship “software” from their parents, who got theirs from their parents, and so on. Blaming your parents or others for your relationship difficulties just reinforces the problem. When you blame others for your problems you establish and/or reinforce a victim mentality at the subconscious level. This program says that other people and forces control your life. With beliefs like that you can see why you attract people and situations that make life difficult. The subconscious mind is simply programmed to recognize and attract what is familiar, not necessarily what is desirable. When you list all the qualities you want in a relationship partner be sure you possess those qualities yourself in order to attract them!

Your subconscious supports your relationships with these powerful beliefs:

  • It’s easy for me to give love to others.
  • It’s easy for me to receive love from others.
  • I am worthy of an intimate, passionate relationship.
  • I am ready for a powerful, intimate relationship in my life now.
  • I am willing to risk loving and being loved.
  • It’s okay for me to express my truth in a relationship.
  • It’s okay for me to grow and change in a relationship.

(These are just a sample of the beliefs associated with relationships.).

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