Are Your Thoughts and Subconscious Beliefs Sabotaging Your Prosperity?

prosperity“I don’t deserve to have lots of money.”
“Wealth corrupts.”
“Lots of money only leads to trouble.”
“It is wrong for me to want more money.”

Beliefs that limit your personal prosperity are frequently embedded in the subconscious mind. Often our early religious training or parental conditioning create beliefs that are counterproductive to achieving wealth and financial freedom. Beliefs such as “Money is the root of all evil,” “Poverty is a virtue,” “Money is power and power corrupts,” or “You don’t deserve to have lots of money,” are self-limiting when it comes to meeting your financial goals. Beliefs can not only impede the accumulation of money, they can undermine the management of that money even if you accumulate it. It’s a case of spending it as fast, or faster than you make it! If you find yourself making one bad investment decision after another, it is very likely that you have self-limiting subconscious beliefs about money. Beliefs about not deserving to have lots of money are often at the bottom of poverty consciousness. While some people are able to overcome their limiting subconscious beliefs using will power and sheer determination, they often pay a very high emotional and/or physical price for doing so. There is an easier and more effective way!

Your subconscious supports your prosperity with these powerful beliefs:

  • I trust myself to manage money honestly and sensibly.
  • It is okay for me to want money and I do want it.
  • I enjoy making lots of money and spending it.
  • I can make all the money I need doing a job that I love.
  • I deserve to have all the money I need.
  • Money is one expression of my spirituality, and my love for God, myself, and others.
  • It is okay to have more money than I need.

(These are just a sample of the beliefs associated with prosperity.).

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