Vision is the Foundation to Success with guest Karen Klassen on Awesome Life Radio Thursday November 28th at 1pm ET

Join host Nicole Craig and guest Karen Klassen, Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Guide and Author of Canadian Bestselling Book, The Freedom Frequency, as they talk about the meaning of success and what can stop us from realizing success.  Learn how you can create a greater vision for your life and reach the success you desire.


To learn more about Karen Klassen, visit her website at

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Take Charge of Your Life – You are All you Need to Succeed! with guest Dr. Nicola Bird on Awesome Life Radio Thursday November 21st at 1pmET

headshot #2Join host Nicole Craig as she welcomes Dr. Nicola Bird.

Dr. Nicola Bird is a new generation psychotherapist who successfully pioneered Self-Imaging Therapy™ (SIT), her ground-breaking approach to personal transformation and brain retraining. During her twenty years of practice, Nicola has introduced innovative techniques to help people change and empower their lives and gives people the tools to free themselves from negative tapes, limitations, and fears. She is the author of “The Boomerang Effect: How You Can Take Charge of Your Life.”

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Show up as the True Power and Greatness of You – End the Addiction to Judgment and the Wrongness of Self with guest Marilyn Bradford on Awesome Life Radio Thursday November 14th at 1pmET

prac169What if it were easy to show up as the true power, potency and greatness of you? Going into judgment and the wrongness of self is one of the main things that keeps each of us small, less than and far from stepping into the gift we truly be.

Join host Nicole Craig as she welcomes special guest Marilyn Bradford, MSSW, CFMW, MEd., therapist, teacher, and speaker who gives lectures and workshops worldwide, to discuss what makes her approach to addiction and recovery so different.

Having suffered from what was diagnosed as depression and alcoholism, as well as having put her faith in various gurus and belief systems, Marilyn knows firsthand how frustrating and difficult it can be to move beyond other’s restrictive and rigid belief systems. Now free to know what she knows to be true for her, she empowers others to do the same. No one needs to be stuck with any addiction or mental health “condition” for the rest of their lives.  Everything is changeable!

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Breaking the Habit of Fearful Living with guest Karen McKy on Awesome Life Radio Thursday November 7th at 1pmET,12CT,11MT,10PT

What happens to our body when we live in fear?  Among other challenges, fear grips the body and actually causes us to become less intelligent. Therefore, we make less intelligent decisions. Obviously, this is counter productive to a wonderful life. How can we break the habit of fear? There are many simple things one can do to start taking control of the fears that run your life. Doing simple things sounds easy, will you follow through? Who will stay in the driver’s seat of your life, You or Fear?

Join host Nicole Craig as she talks to special guest Karen McKy on the most fearful and spookiest day of the year!!
To download Karen’s Free 13 tips to Breaking the Habit of Fearful Living, go to  and click on ‘Free Offers”
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Do you Fear Death? Transform the way you approach death from fear to acceptance, openness and inspiration with Stephen Garrett on Awesome Life Radio Thursday October 24th at 1pmET

Join host Nicole Craig as she welcomes special guest Stephen Garrett, Author, Speaker and Death Coach. Stephen’s book “When Death Speaks” is all about transforming the way we approach death, switching lenses from fear and denial to a view of acceptance, openness and inspiration.

Western culture views death as an enemy, something to avoid at all costs, something to fear. Stephen’s philosophy is about accepting death as a natural, fundamental and important aspect of life. Creating a welcoming space for honest, open, heartfelt conversations about death can be a catalyst that actually provokes people to live the rest of their lives more fully, passionately and joyfully.

Stephen’s passion for life and death is obvious in his writing, speaking and teaching. His care for each and every person that crosses his path is supported by over two decades of firsthand experience in the fields of social work, adult education, coaching, facilitating, and mentoring. He combines a unique blend of spirituality, practicality, humor, and common sense in his approach to serving individuals, families and groups as they walk the mysterious path of dying, death and loss.

For more information on Stephen Garrett, go to his

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AwesomeAbundance Inspiring YouTube Video

Hello Everyone,

Need some inspiration to clear your limited beliefs and move forward towards achieving your goals?  Check out my video on my YouTube channel AwesomeAbundance – Click Here.

Living in the Freedom Frequency of Life with Karen Klassen on Awesome Life Radio Thursday October 17th at 1pmET, 12NCT, 11MT, 10PT

Join host Nicole Craig as welcomes special guest, Karen Klassen, Empowerment Coach, Spiritual Guide and Author of the Canadian bestselling book – The Freedom Frequency.

Find out why it is so important to raise your energy vibration and how you can raise your energy vibration from living in fear to living a heart centered life. Karen will share how you can spiral up out of fear and benefit from Living in the Freedom Frequency.

To find out more about Karen, go to

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Fear and Worry getting to you? Find out what you can do with host Nicole Craig on Awesome Life Radio Thursday October 10th at 1pmET,12NCT,11MT,10PT

nicole“Worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a center of fear.” – Corrie ten Boom

Do you find yourself worrying more than you would like?  Are you worried about the future, your body and health, your loved ones, your money, the state of the world and how things will turn out in your life?  No matter how much you worry, it never helps.  Did you know that 90 percent of all things you worry about never actually happen?  But how do you get past the worry and fear?  Tune in to find out interesting information about worry and get some great tips on how to minimize worry in your life starting now!

“Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength.” – Corrie ten Boom

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Are your Fears Aging You? with Charlotte Cassidy on Awesome Life Radio Thursday October 3rd at 1pmET,12NCT,11MT,10PT

Join host Nicole Craig as she welcomes psychotherapist, counsellor and wellness coach, Charlotte Cassidy to talk about the hot topic of “Aging” and how our fears are contributing to the aging process.  Find out what is influencing how you age and what you can do to slow down the aging process.

For more information on Charlotte Cassidy, go to

To Listen, click hereCharlotte.

What’s Holding you Back? with host Nicole Craig on Awesome Life Radio Thursday September 26 at 1pmET/12NCT/11MT/10PT

So what is keeping you from having the abundance you deserve in your life?  Why are you feeling ‘stuck’?

Join Nicole as she talks about what is keeping you from realizing your dreams and finding peace in your life.  Find out what you can do to easily destroy the blocks and move forward to live the life you want.

To listen, click here.inspiration_you_decide.

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